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Modern Day Survival Guide Course

The modern day survival guide to optimum health workshop.

Saturday 8th July 10am to 16.30pm
This workshop allows you to look into your life to make healthier choices to improve physical and mental health.
The modern day survival guide is a holistic approach to life by looking at the six components to a healthy lifestyle as well as combining the latest research in Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Life Coaching techniques.
Workshop covers the following topics and more:
Healthy Eating for reduced inflammation and toxicity.
Food Intolerances and Digestive problems
Healthy Fats
Pre/Post work out snacks/meals
Understanding training zones to maximise weight loss/ lung capacity & strength
Balancing sleep, relaxation, friends & family, work, diet & exercise.
Cycle of change and the components to a healthy lifestyle.
Motivational talks by Ex- special forces (guest speaker), Fitness instructor & life coach expert.
For further info/Bookings please contact Jeff Allen on 089 972 8880

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