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Tom McLellan Music Project Palace Theatre Fermoy

Tom McLellan

The Tom McLellan ‘Wish You Were Here’ Music project is dedicated to the late Tom McLellan, musician, friend and former employee of Fermoy Community Youth Centre. The sole purpose of this project is to give youths 18 and under a good affordable foundation in music performance and production. This is a voluntary group with an all welcome to teach policy.


PIANO 1 : 4.45pm-5.30pm

PIANO 2: 5.30pm-6.15pm

GUITAR / VOCALS: 6.15pm-7.00pm

DRUMS: 7.00pm-8.00pm

PIANO/KEYBOARDS: €5.00 (each additional Sibling €2.50)
GUITAR: €5.00 (each additional Sibling €2.50)
DRUMS: €5.00 (each additional Sibling €2.50)

Those with 2 siblings or more will pay €5.00 for first child/workshop and an additional €2.50 for all children/workshops thereafter. It is recommended that all children try one instrument at a time and do vocals and music performance which is free. The fee structure is designed to encourage this. Please arrive 15 mins before each workshop.

Flute is available with arrangement for bass still on-going. Please bring instruments if you have them, otherwise we will provide them. These workshops will include the opportunity to perform live on the stage, with the added chance to support well known artists before they perform at The Palace Theatre. All workshops are run as non-profit with all monies raised being used for the benefit of the project. All workshops will be supervised by a minimum of two people.

Anyone who has instruments they wish to donate to this group, please contact the office here. Musical or artistic volunteers are needed to help with the running of this project – please click here for details. For more information please contact the office on 025 – 32042.


Music Palace Theatre Fermoy Fermoy Community Youth CentreThe Palace Theatre has recently undergone a sound engineering upgrade. The theatre has a comprehensive inventory of sound equipment which can be viewed here.

The theatre is available to hire for every form of musical concert – rock, classical, traditional, bluegrass, concert band/movie night, jazz.

Rehearsal/Practice Space

The theatre is also available for rental as a rehearsal/practice space for bands and individuals who may want to experience playing in a concert type space.

Upcoming Music Events


Orpheus Choir

January 22 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Weekly practices are held every Monday evening from September to ...

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