Sergejs Marmilovs presents Better Wellness Class

Starting Monday 6 January

Every Monday 8:10-9:15pm

Wellness class in Fermoy is focused on  Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotional healthcare to a better state of health. So many times do we neglect ourselves in one or more aspects of complete healthcare. Healthcare is not just nutrition or exercise. Its also the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of health.

I will teach you amazing ways to take better care of yourself and your family with a hands-on class experience during the 4-week class series. Each 4-weekes will we address many aspects of healthcare and overcoming most health-related issues as well as mental health-related issues the natural way.

Classes will be held on Mondays at Fermoy Community Youth Centre  at 8:10 pm – 8:15 pm, starting Monday January 6 2020. Book Now online or at the Fermoy Youth Centre Fermoy.

4 weeks €40

Drop-in €15

This Wellness Class will help you…

  • Overcome stress and anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Deal better with a stressful and demanding lifestyle and social engagements
  • Cope better with anger and break negative life-cycles
  • Overcome addictions
  • Calm an overactive mind
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Find clarity and calmness no matter the situation
  • Overcome loss, bereavement and trauma easier
  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself more
  • Reconnect to yourself, your highers-self and others
  • Manifest your dreams into reality


This is just some of the things you will learn in the class. The wellness class will teach you that it is ok, not to be ok. You will learn about the power of truth to yourself and truth others. Opening up and speaking about how we feel is so important. This class will also help you to help others in life.

Mental health, Spiritual health and Emotional health go hand in hand together and it does affect the physical aspect of healthcare. We are unbalanced in one aspect of our lives, it will have a ripple effect on other aspects of our lives.

What will you experience in the wellness class

  • Breathing techniques to cope better with stress, anxiety, fear, physical pain and calm an overactive mind
  • Learn to relax with simple mind-focus techniques you can do at home, work, your car
  • How to calm energies within your mind and body
  • How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks with the SOS 5-point system
  • Nutrition to a better, stronger immune system with organic foods, herbs and spices
  • Simple deep relaxing meditation techniques for calmness and clarity of mind
  • Physical movement techniques to relieve pain, stress and frustration within the physical body.

This is a complete wellness and mindfulness class experience for better mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. If you are looking for alternative solutions to help yourself and loved ones. This class is for you.

This class is suitable for all ages and no matter your background or sex. If you want something better from life. Join me and other like-minded souls on a wonderful class experience.

Each week you will receive handouts with techniques, exercises, recipes and even homework that will help you become the person you aim to be. To help you and your family to a better state of health.

I am a very easy going man with a great sense of humour. I have been through the battles of life and understand the importance of keeping things real in class. As a single dad who doesn’t see my son as much as I could, business owner, therapist and counsellor. I know what it is to be a man looking for a release, connection and calmness.

My classes are always fun and you will laugh. You will learn breathing techniques to help you cope better in life, overcome stress and anxiety and find deep inner calmness. No matter your background, fitness levels or age. You will receive great benefits in my class.


Where is it held

Classes will be held on Mondays at Fermoy Community Youth Centre  at 8:10 pm – 8:15 pm, starting Monday January 6 2020. Book Now online or at the Fermoy Youth Centre Fermoy.

The cost is €40 for 4-week class series or drop-in class is €15 per person. Its better to grab the special offer and attend the full course.