‘Twin Flames, the Musical’ is a new exciting original musical comedy by Kilbehenny-man Kevin Fitzsimons.  It goes on, in the Palace Theatre Fermoy, as an amateur production in October (21st to 28th inclusive, excluding Wednesday 25th). This is a family show set in Cork City in the 1960s with a backdrop of the Ford Motor plant and is very much in the genre of the classic musicals such as Blood Brothers, Grease and Sound of Music. It’s being produced by Ann Dunne, directed by Valerie O’Leary and musical director is Paul Linehan (of legendary Cork band the Frank & Walters)

Phil and Fiona (the central characters) have reached a difficult impasse in their relationship. Fiona unceremoniously dumps Phil when he refuses to face up to an insidious gambling addiction which is destroying their relationship and their prospects. Things deteriorate rapidly for Phil when his gambling runs out of all control and threatens to steal away everything good in his life including his job, his home, his best friends, and his twin flame Fiona. Phil makes several clumsy, half-hearted, hilarious attempts to win Fiona back, aided by his side kicks Tony and John Paul, but all end in disaster.

The story is essentially Phil and Fiona’s Twin Flame journey, as they suddenly find themselves single again to confront their fears and inner demons. As Phil reaches rock bottom, he is catapulted into a dark night of the soul and his life will never be the same again. Can he transform his life and win back his Twin Flame before she leaves his life and Cork and emigrates to Liverpool to start a new life?

‘Twin Flames’, has everything you could possibly want in a satisfying musical: This story is peppered with quirky and relatable Cork characters. With universal themes of love, hate, addiction, revenge, deceit, friendship, forgiveness, and redemption- not to mention outstanding original 60s flavoured catchy pop music produced by Cork’s own Paul Linehan of national treasures ‘The Frank & Walters’ – What’s not to love?