Whether you are Booking a Room or Attending a Class or Meeting, please take some time to read through these guidelines.

Covid -19 Standard Operating Procedure for Management of Meetings at Fermoy Community Youth Centre.

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· The meeting convenor should check the Fermoy Community Youth Centre 24 hours in advance of the meeting to ensure that Social Distancing of 2 meters can be achieved with the numbers attending

· Anyone with symptoms. Anyone living with someone with symptoms or anyone that has had contact with a confirmed case within the previous 14 days, shall not attend the meeting.

· Avoid face to face meetings where possible by using technology.

· If a face to face meeting is required Social Distancing of 2 meters must be adhered to and seating arrangements must be organised to achieve this.

· Keep numbers of attendees to a minimum and keep the length of the meeting to a minimum.

· If possible limit access to other areas in the building e.g. canteen. In this regard identifying a designated route, depending on the layout of the building may be helpful.

· If access to a meeting room is via the stair lift, ensure sanitising immediately after use.

· Hand sanitisers to be available at the entrance to the building where the meeting is to take place.

· Documentation should where necessary be circulated beforehand electronically and if documents need to be circulated in hard copy, place them at each attendee’s seat.

· If possible limit circulation of documentation between attendees at meeting, i.e avoid passing around attendance sheets between attendees for signing.

· Chairperson to remind attendees of COVID -19 requirements at the start of the meeting, to include hand sanitising, cough / sneeze etiquette and Social Distancing.

· Regime of cleaning in place to sanitise touch points that attendees may have contacted, i.e Door Handles; Lift controls, Tables & Chairs etc.

· Each attendee to bring their own biros, paper, minutes etc to the meeting and they must take them away when leaving.

· When entering or leaving the meeting room ensure that any queues maintain the 2 meter Social Distance.

· Avoid providing refreshments due to risk of cross contamination.

· Chairperson to register the record of names and contact details of attendees to assist in the event of contract tracing.

· Attendees should arrive just before the meeting start time and leave straight after the meeting to avoid groups forming in breach of Social Distancing.

· This Standard Operating Procedure should be circulated to meeting attendees beforehand.

FCYC Covid Operating Procedure PRINTABLE VERSION.

Any Queries, please Contact Us 02532042/ info@fermoyyouthcentre.ie