Our Festive Craft Market was a great success…

We wish to thank all the vendors who brought their wares, the wider community for coming along to enjoy the event and to all those who gave a little extra time and energy to make this event a success.


My name is Emma Carolan, I am responsible for Social Media here in Fermoy Community Youth Centre and availed of the opportunity to organise this Craft Market Event.  This was something that needed in Fermoy, every Christmas should have a Festive Market!  I have learned that it takes a community to bring a market to fruition.  I would like to extend my gratitude to those who made an extra effort to support the event:

Thank You

Thank you Ann Mason and Kate Murphy and Gosia Sawicka (and children) for giving your time to spread some extra posters and flyers.

Thank you Avondhu Newspaper for bumping our Ad to front page, and including the event on your website, for no extra charge, this made a big difference.  Thank you Emily Ahern in the Avondhu for the editorial report.

Thank you Artist Pawel Wroblewski for your input on creating road signs.

Thank you Kieran Barry of Fermoy Community Youth Centre for going out in the rain and placing the road signs.  Thank you Kieran Barry, Manager of Fermoy Community Youth Centre for helping to put up decorations.

Thank you April Ross for your help with decoration making.

Thank you Deborah Ui Cinneide of Fermoy Craft Co-Operative for inspiring, creating, supporting and spreading the word.

Here are Photos of Some of the Stands:

fermoy community youth centre

Kate Murphy, “McMurphy’s Delights”

Ann Mason – Handmade Jewellery

fermoy community youth centre

Gosia Sawicka, “Lovlee”

fermoy community youth centre

Wreaths, “Orchard Cottage”

Knitting by Maureen O’Brien

Wood Turning by Enda Joyce

Thanks – Santa

Fermoy Craft Co-Operative

Colemans Student Enterprise with Fermoy Craft Co-Operative