Our new fundraising initiative commenced on Monday 10 May 2021.

Due to Covid-19, our customers have missed out on their weekly Wednesday Bingo here in the Centre.  We here in the Centre also miss the “buzz” in the Bingo Hall.  Home Bingo will entertain you in the comfort of your own home with cash prizes to be won.

Home Bingo is easy.  You buy a book from one of the shops listed below.  Fill out the book at home and if you win, claim your prize.  No screens, radios or tv required.  Books will be renewed weekly in all the shops.


Where To Buy Books:

Fermoy Community Youth Centre

Bingo Books (€5 each) will be on sale from the 10th of May from the following shops:

Brian Shinnick Spar, Dublin Road, Fermoy

Hanleys, Pearse Sq, Fermoy

Centra, Patrick St, Fermoy

XL Shop, Emmet St, Fermoy

Games & Prizes:

Books will cost €5 each and will consist of 5 games.

Games 1 to 4 will pay €75.00 for a FULL HOUSE

Game 5 will pay €100 for a full house.

If there is no winner on game 5 we will add €20 to this game every week until it is won.  We will call Game 5 “The Snowball Game”.

Your Bingo Book will consist of 5 Coloured Sheets.  These go in order Green, Orange, Blue, Pink and Yellow.  Each sheet will have its own 60 call numbers below the Bingo Boxes.  Use these call numbers and mark off on your sheet.

You are playing for a Full House only which means you must have all the numbers marked in one of the six boxes.  A complete box means you have won a full house and can claim for a prize.

How To Claim Your Prize:

You can claim your prize by contacting us here at Fermoy Community Youth Centre Office 025 32042 with an intact book to be checked and verified.  Once this is done we will then issue your prize winnings.

The Terms and Conditions with instructions will be on the back of your Bingo Book.

Weekly Bingo Books will be available in the designated shops every Monday.

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Fermoy Community Youth Centre