Fermoy Community Youth Centre
Bingo Fundraising Social Evening.

For many years Fermoy Community Youth Centre has been running Bingo Nights on Wednesday
nights. Unfortunately because of the Covid -19 epidemic the Centre was forced to close its Bingo
Doors in March 2020, having a severe impact on the Centre activities – disrupting all services.
Over the last few months many have asked the question – When are we starting Bingo again? It is a
question that has been on our own minds with months. Making the right decision is most important
and more importantly making the decision at the right time, as we are very conscious that Covid 19
is not gone.
However, all staff here at the Centre are very conscious of our obligations to the customer as regards
Covid and we all agree that now is the time to restart our Bingo.
We have selected Wednesday 28 th September at 8pm as our Fundraising Social Evening . It will be a
“trial night” to see exactly how many are interested in joining us all again. If financially successful we
will consider regular Bingo Nights.
The last 30 months has been extremely hard financially on the Centre. Being closed for that period
of time has placed an enormous financial pressure on the Centre and we are anxious to get our
Bingo going again. +++++++++++++++++
As the 28 th of September is only a trial and being conscious of our finances and the daily financial
pressure on you, the customer, we are all agreed that the price of books will remain the same as
2020 prices.
The continuance of the Bingo is largely dependent on the attendance on the night.

Many thanks

Kieran Barry