Making Plans…

Plans are in place to start our very own Samba Band here in Fermoy Community Youth Centre in early 2020.  This will be a community focused Samba band.  All age groups are welcome.  We hope to bring the beats to the streets of Fermoy and beyond to represent our community.

Who Can Join?

Are you interested in joining our Samba Band?  Do you have previous Samba experience?  Do you have no experience but would love to give it a go?  All ages and experience levels are welcome!

Fermoy Community Youth CentreWhat is Samba?

“In Brazil, bands traditionally play Samba (carnival rhythms of the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro). In other countries they now play reggae, funk, hip hop and Brazilian folk music. Like other drumming bands the music exceeds 130 decibels but often this attracts listeners. Some samba bands have eccentric costumes whilst others have costumes themed around their religions/ animals” Wikipaedia 

Contact Us

Why not give us a call, text or email to express your interest 025 32042/ 087 2881525/

Heres an example of what to expect when you join a Samba Band…

Coming Soon!