What to Expect:

Art of Calmness Meditation, Breathwork and Calmness

Calmness, clarity of mind and stillness of the body is just a few benefits enjoyed by people practising meditation. However, This is just a small part of many health benefits meditation holds for you. Meditation is so much more than inner peace, clarity and sitting like a Guru in Easy-Pose with Gia Muntra.
Meditation is an ancient form of science that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The art of calmness combines Meditation with breathwork, mind-focus and Usui Reiki all in one class.
What will you gain from this class?
• Calmer more focused Mind
• No more Stress and Anxiety or horrible Panic Attacks
• Improved sleep patterns
• Cleans your energy field
• Stop negative life cycles
• Improve your intuition
• Improve your energy levels

The Art of Calmness will bring balance to your life, harmonizing your internal system and

When is it on:

The class is on Wednesday at 8:10 pm to 9:10pm, here in Fermoy Community Youth Centre.

The cost is €40 for the 4-week class series.

Limited places available To register TEXT your NAME + Meditation to 0894931443