Fermoy Community Youth Centre Ltd is a registered charity and is completely self-financed. Its core sources of income are from Room Hire, Theatre Hire, Sports Complex, Membership, Weekly Bingo and the Community Development Draw.

The Centre in its current form came into existence in 1980 after an extensive refurbishment and extension of the existing buildings; which included a Youth Club, the Palace Dance Hall, Palace Theatre and the Sports Complex (Handball/Racquetball Courts).

Membership of The Centre

All persons who wish to use the Sports Complex facilities are requested to pay a modest membership fee. The fees are outlined here under:

  • Juvenile (Under 16 years) €15.00.
  • Student (available to full time students under 18 years) – €20.00.
  • Single: €50.00.
  • Family: €60.00.

Applying for Membership of Fermoy Community Youth Centre.

  1. Application for membership of the Centre shall be made to the Centre’s Committee by completion of the Membership Application Form and payment of the appropriate fee.
  2. The right to refuse any application for membership and the use of the Centre facilities is reserved to the Management Committee, or the Secretary, provided that the Secretary reports his/her action to the next meeting of the Management Committee.
  3. The Management Committee may refuse an application to use the Centre’s facilities if the use by a particular individual or group presents a risk to the safety of its members, disruption to the everyday running of the Centre, damage to the facilities or of causing public disorder.
  4. All arrangements for the use of the Centre’s facilities are subject to the Management Committee reserving the right to cancel bookings when the premises are rendered unfit for the intended use.
  5. Sports bodies and affiliated groups of the Centre shall normally have priority use of its facilities, but all arrangements to hire facilities made with outside bodies and individuals shall be honored by the Committee except as provided for in (3) above.

Management of The Centre

The Fermoy Community Youth Centre is a limited company and a registered charity. We have a Board of 7 Directors who are trustees of the centre.

The  Fermoy Community Youth Centre is run day-to-day by the Manager Kieran Barry and the Staff of the Centre. The Centre has 10 staff. The centre is also supported by the Community Employment Scheme.

A professional and friendly service is offered to all customers.

Hours of Opening

Facilities at the Community Centre are normally available for the use of its members and of outside hirers between the hours of 9am and 10pm on weekdays; and on Saturdays 9.30am  to 9.00pm. Sundays between the hours of 12.45pm to 6.00pm.

In certain cases, these hours may be extended on application to the Management Committee.


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