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Tai Chi and Qigong Classes- With Anne Marie

Fermoy  5-week Course

Venue: Fermoy Community Youth Centre, P61TK73
Time: 12noon
Date: Fridays, starting 3rd March 2023

Note: There is no session on St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2023.
Cost: €65
(Dana/donation welcome if experiencing financial difficulty)

Booking Essential for all courses. Follow the link HERE

Cancellation Policy – Please notify me at least one week before the beginning of the course, so your place can be offered to someone else.


The 18-Form Shibashi (aka Taiji Qigong in 18 movements) is a series of 18 beautiful movements taken from both the T’ai Chi and Qigong traditions.

The sequence was developed in 1979 by Professor Lin Housheng, a Chinese Qigong master and healer. The movements are designed to relax, yet strengthen, to release tension and encourage a sense of harmony in the body, mind, heart and spirit. By combining the movements with the breath, we can open to a more centered, grounded yet expanded experience of ourselves.

Qigong movements target specific meridian or energy pathways, helping to remove stagnation, improve circulation and felt sense of strength. Due to the meditative and slow nature of the movements, they are also of wonderful value to the nervous system, to help focus the mind, improve clarity and ease stress and anxiety.

This set is taught to all students of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Each movement can be explored with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in mind, including their relationship to the 5 elements and how they benefit our overall health. ​

As with all courses, we take a slow, meditative approach with inner listening to the body and its feedback. We will continue to build on mindful awareness as we practice.