ME Sergejs Marmilovs presents Yoga for Men

Starting Monday 6 January
Every Monday 7-8pm
Yoga for men is a disciplined practice of movement, release, embrace and processing. Yoga for men is a powerful experience that will help you find balance within yourself, your life and mind. A men’s yoga class incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility – stimulating the mind and restoring the body.

Men’s yoga is focused specifically on the male body and targeting common areas of tension – shoulders, back, arms, hips and hamstrings. Whenever you do a class with me, you will have a BLAST! It’s a balance of playful discovery, mindfulness, challenging physical practice, inspiring philosophy, psychology and wellness all rolled into one.

4 weeks €40
Drop in €15

Yoga for Men

Guys often have distinct physical needs in yoga practice, and many public classes overlook this or aren’t best designed for men.

As such, I’ve worked with hundreds of guys over the years to help target those areas that are more problematic: typically hamstrings, hips, back, arms and shoulders.

Men I work with tend to fall into one of two categories;

– guys who haven’t moved so much over the years (the body can feel locked, stiff, or stuck),

– guys who’ve done a lot of other physical work or sports (the body may be strong, but imbalanced due to focusing on one discipline).

When the above is taken into consideration, yoga can help both free the body and improve performance in other physical disciplines.

Despite yoga being created by men, for men, it’s still seen as predominantly a woman’s activity. It takes a brave man to walk into a class full of women but the health benefits of yoga far outweigh this initial worry. So if you are looking for a men’s yoga class experience with like-minded men all wanting the same as you. Join me Sergejs Marmilovs (MILO FOR SHORT)

Benifits of yoga for men

Most men are sceptical of yoga, believing that it will never compare to a heavy session in the weights room, but yoga is brilliant for increasing muscle tone and strength as you use your own body weight as resistance. It also increases flexibility and balance, loosening joints and stretching muscles, which can relieve pain and is essential for long-term health.

The benefits of yoga for men are not only physical but also mental; yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, thanks to breathing techniques and controlled movements. If you’re in a high-pressured job or have a busy day-to-day life, yoga will provide you with the timeout you need to relax and focus, which will also have positive effects on your immune system. In turn, you’ll find your sleep is enhanced as you find a way to switch off from your thoughts.

Here are here a few great reasons men should do yoga.
  • Yoga promotes weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle. …
  • Yoga can help improve your other workouts and prevent injury. …
  • Yoga can increase libido and improve sexual performance. …
  • Yoga helps relieve chronic lower back pain. …
  • Yoga reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities; you may find a much older woman getting into positions that you, as a young man, can only dream of. But you’ll get there with time and dedication, which will benefit your well-being in the long term.

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. As this is a beginners class you will enjoy the class

What to expect in my Men’s Yoga Class

I am a very easy going man with a great sense of humour. I have been through the battles of life and understand the importance of keeping things real in class. As a single dad who doesn’t see my son as much as I could, business owner, therapist and counsellor. I know what it is to be a man looking for a release, connection and calmness.

My classes are always fun and you will laugh. You will learn breathing techniques to help you cope better in life, overcome stress and anxiety and find deep inner calmness. No matter your background, fitness levels or age. You will receive great benefits in my class.