T’ai Chi and Qigong Class in

Fermoy on Fridays at 12noon

Classes will then run weekly from

Friday 20th of January @12noon.

Booking is essentail through website!


New Fermoy T’ai Chi/Qigong Class – Fridays at noon.

☯️ Here’s to the cultivation of compassion, resilience, strength and caring community in 2023. 😀
☯️ Qigong and T’ai Chi invite us to the middle path, the middle way. They invite a body-centred steadiness. It is my hope that the Courses on offer help strengthen access to resourcefulness, resilience and balance from within. The approach is one of gentle strength, with a focus on self-compassion, openness and sincerity. We will also explore in great detail and learn both T’ai Chi and traditional health Qigong Forms.
☯️ Fermoy Community Youth Centre – Fridays at 12noon from 20th Jan 2023.
☯️ Online Class – Fridays at 9.30am from 20th January 2023. Recordings will be available for a time after the live classes. The option to join via recording is open to those who have done courses with me before. This is especially helpful to those who have shiftwork patterns or live in a different time zone.
☯️ Bookings can be made directly via the website. All Course details and booking information are here:
☯️ Here’s to a great year ahead. Please email Anne Marie at taichi.qigong.haven@gmail.com with any queries.
Venue: Fermoy Community Youth Centre P61TK73.
Date: Friday 20th January 2023.
Time: 12noon-2pm.

To book visit our Facebook, Website or email us at taichi.qigong.haven@gmail.com